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Amphenol Bar-Tec Ltd 

Amphenol Bar-Tec ltd is based in Kfar-Saba, Israel. Amphenol Bar-Tec is the sole representative of Amphenol products in Israel for the military and aerospace market. Amphenol Bar-Tec markets and design-in Amphenol’s connectors to the entire defense and avionic industry in Israel. Amphenol Bar-Tec promotes the full range of Amphenol Military-Aero connectors from high current connectors to fiber optics. 

Mr. Avi Inbar founded Bar-Tec Ltd in 1980 and in 2017 the company was acquired by Amphenol and is now part of AMAO group-Amphenol Military & Aerospace Operation https://www.amphenolmao.com.

For the last 40 years Amphenol Bar-Tec established itself as the dominant authority in the military connectors market in Israel and through significantly growth has established itself as the Israeli market leader in its field.

Amphenol Bar-Tec specializes in giving fast, professional and reliable tailor made consultancy in any matter concerning military connector. Amphenol Bar-Tec is recognized as the authority for knowledge and experience in the connector market in Israel.

Amphenol Bar-Tec is dedicated to help and support its customer on every step of the way. From the design stage, purchasing to Delivery.


Amphenol Bar-Tec sells and advises on the entire Amphenol Military-Aero line, which mainly includes but is not limited to:

Circular connector, rectangular connectors Mil connectors Fiber optic, back shells accessories and many more specials and other. Bar-Tec represents and works with all Amphenol facilities around the world but mainly with:

Amphenol Aerospace, Amphenol Fiber system, Amphenol Canada, Amphenol RF, Amphenol PCD, Amphenol India, Amphenol Socapex France, Amphenol AIR LB France, Amphenol Limited UK and Amphenol SV microwave.

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Amphenol is a US based company and is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
The primary end markets for the Company's products are communications and information processing markets, including cable television, cellular telephone and data communication and information processing systems; aerospace and military electronics; and automotive, rail and other transportation and industrial application
Amphenol Mil/Aero divisions are world leaders in the design, manufacture, and supplies of high performance interconnect systems for military and commercial aerospace harsh environment applications. Amphenol provides an unparalleled product breadth, from military spec connectors to customized high-speed board level interconnects; from flexible to rigid printed circuit boards; from backplane systems to completely integrated assemblies.
The key markets for Amphenol Mil/Aero divisions supported are avionics, radar, communications, ordnance, missiles, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, space, and all levels of aviation
Amphenol is a technology innovator that designs to meet customers' needs.

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