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Amphenol Backplane presents the Viper connector!

VIPER - VITA 60 - Ruggedized VPX

Sealed Crimp Receptacles 

mphenol Aerospace offers a light-weight
38999 Series III interconnect solution for sealed bulkhead applications! 

New generation of mini circular - The Terrapin

Amphenol LTD UK introduce the new generation of mini circular connectors. The new SCE 2, Named the Terrapin was launched at the UK DVD Exhibition. More…



Terrapin -The next generation of SCE connectors from

Amphenol UK
Amphenol introduce the Terrapin, the new generation of SCE connectors, at DVD Exhibition, last year. Intended for harsh environment applications and used extensively in soldier communications, Amphenol Terrapin is a miniature series of circular push-pull connectors.  

Within a rugged shell design Terrapin offers superior EMC performance and high environmental sealing to IP68. Resilient in severe battlefield situations the RoHS compliant black-silver plating is both low-lustre and corrosion resistant. Featuring an optional locking mechanism, multiple shell sizes with up to 37 contacts and suitability for overmoulding, Terrapin is the preferred choice for miniature connectors in military and other harsh environment applications.

Its main improvments are:
•RoHS Compliant Soldering (to 460oC)
•Improved Temperature Rating (-55 to +125oC)
•Improved Thermal Shock and Temp Endurance
•Improved Sealing after soldering (IP68 1hr @ 2m) but greater sealing available on request.
•Reduced Leadtime
•Standardisation of Components
•Easier soldering due to reduced backshell length giving better access to solder buckets
•Suitability for Flow Solder

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Amphenol introduce the D38999 High Density (HD)

Available now from Amphenol in full production capacity the new D38999 HD. The same size shells with much more contacts…   

The HD38999 family of connectors was designed to work with existing mil-specified 38999 shells. To the end users familiar with standard 38999 connectors, this family of high density connectors will look, feel, and perform just like the mil-qualified connectors. Utilizing an existing mil-qualified 39029 size 23 contact and mil-qualified shells, the new system will be, in many cases, a drop-in connector. Even though the HD38999 has 30% more contacts, it still performs to minimum electrical requirements of standard 38999 connectors.
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Micro Differential Twinax Transition Adapters
Amphenol introduce new Micro Twinax Transition Adapters.These are 100 Ohm stand alone adapters that can be used for inside the box type applications.   

Amphenol now offers 100 Ohm differential twinax transition adapters in smaller
sizes that provide matched impedance interconnection to PCB boards.
The new adapters can be used for Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-T , and USB2.0 system protocols

Amphenol's unique push-pull quick disconnect adapter design offers:
• Advantages over traditional threaded type adapters
• Launching of controlled impedance (100 ohm) signals for
high speed twinax contacts with push-pull quick disconnect coupling
• Rugged construction, 100+ mating cycles for reliable and secure
data transmission
• Miniature size for tighter spacing on boards
• Intermountability with existing threaded solutions having the same
PCB tail footprint
• Styles include:
• Plug - standard length and extended length options
• Straight PCB receptacle, 90° PCB receptacle
• Two jam nut receptacle styles - both with standard length and extended length options
• Bushing assembly 90° adapter (used with plug or jam nut receptacle)


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Amphenol Backplane presents the Viper connector!


VIPER - VITA 60 - Ruggedized VPX


  • Inter-mountable solutions to VPX standards (Vita-46/48)
    - Leverage existing module card designs
  • High Density/High-Speed Interconnect Platform:
    - 63 Differential Signals per linear inch
    - Signal Integrity – 10 GB/s 
  • Integrated ESD protection - Safety grounds and shielding
  • Pressfit Backplane and Daughtercard
    - Ease of Assembly
  • Designed for ruggedized for Military Applications
    - Capable of 29 Grms (3U) Vibration without fretting corrosion or wear-through
  • Proven application performance
    - Ground Radar Processor Upgrade – Digital Signal Processing Unit
    - Avionics Processor Redesigns – Domestic and International
    - UAV Processor Design – Avionics Radar
    - New Ground Radar System Design – Digital Processing Unit
    - New Foreign Tank Design – Processing Unit

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Sealed Crimp Receptacles


Amphenol Aerospace offers a light-weight 38999 Series III interconnect solution for sealed bulkhead applications!

Amphenol epoxy sealed connectors are a light weight alternative to glass sealed hermetics. Amphenol epoxy sealed connectors feature 1x10-5 cc of He/sec minimum leak rates when properly installed. This, combined with crimp insertable contacts, allows quick and reliable termination using standard M39029/57 socket contacts. -Perfect for those pressure vessel or thru-bulkhead applications!

Features and Benefits:

  • Aluminum shells with Electroless nickel plating standard - Also available in Durmalon and O.D. Cadmium finishes. Steel available upon request.
  • Accessory threads sized for standard backshells.
  • Intermateable & inter-mountable with standard 38999 Series III plugs.
  • Extra thick panel mounting capable – Up to.375 in.
  • Crimp termination using Amphenol’s UTS (Universal Termination System)
  • Uses Amphenol’s standard “Filter Epoxy Compound” - 40 years of proven reliability and experience.
  • Skydrol and jet fuel resistance inserts, seals and backfill.

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