Amphenol introduce new Micro Twinax Transition Adapters.These are 100 Ohm stand alone adapters that can be used for inside the box type applications.  

Amphenol now offers 100 Ohm differential twinax transition adapters in smaller
sizes that provide matched impedance interconnection to PCB boards.
The new adapters can be used for Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-T , and USB2.0 system protocols
Amphenol's unique push-pull quick disconnect adapter design offers:

  • Advantages over traditional threaded type adapters
  •  Launching of controlled impedance (100 ohm) signals for high speed twinax contacts with push-pull quick disconnect coupling 
  • Rugged construction, 100+ mating cycles for reliable and secure data transmission
  • Miniature size for tighter spacing on boards
  • Intermountability with existing threaded solutions having the same PCB tail footprint
  • Styles include:
    • Plug - standard length and extended length options
    • Straight PCB receptacle, 90° PCB receptacle
    • Two jam nut receptacle styles - both with standard length and extended length options
    • Bushing assembly 90° adapter (used with plug or jam nut receptacle)

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