VIPER - VITA 60 - Ruggedized VPX

Inter-mountable solutions to VPX standards (Vita-46/48)
- Leverage existing module card designs
High Density/High-Speed Interconnect Platform:
- 63 Differential Signals per linear inch
- Signal Integrity – 10 GB/s 
Integrated ESD protection - Safety grounds and shielding
Pressfit Backplane and Daughtercard
- Ease of Assembly
Designed for ruggedized for Military Applications
- Capable of 29 Grms (3U) Vibration without fretting corrosion or wear-through
Proven application performance
- Ground Radar Processor Upgrade – Digital Signal Processing Unit
- Avionics Processor Redesigns – Domestic and International
- UAV Processor Design – Avionics Radar
- New Ground Radar System Design – Digital Processing Unit
- New Foreign Tank Design – Processing Unit

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