Amphenol Aerospace offers a light-weight 38999 Series III interconnect solution for sealed bulkhead applications!

Amphenol epoxy sealed connectors are a light weight alternative to glass sealed hermetics. Amphenol epoxy sealed connectors feature 1x10-5 cc of He/sec minimum leak rates when properly installed. This, combined with crimp insertable contacts, allows quick and reliable termination using standard M39029/57 socket contacts. -Perfect for those pressure vessel or thru-bulkhead applications!

Features and Benefits:

  • Aluminum shells with Electroless nickel plating standard - Also available in Durmalon and O.D. Cadmium finishes. Steel available upon request.
  • Accessory threads sized for standard backshells.
  • Intermateable & inter-mountable with standard 38999 Series III plugs.
  • Extra thick panel mounting capable – Up to.375 in.
  • Crimp termination using Amphenol’s UTS (Universal Termination System)
  • Uses Amphenol’s standard “Filter Epoxy Compound” - 40 years of proven reliability and experience.
  • Skydrol and jet fuel resistance inserts, seals and backfill.

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